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African Queen

African Queen


In October last year, Margaret Haughey joined us all the way from New Zealand for our Thames cruise on the African Queen. Here’s a snippet of a beautiful write up we received from her.

The cruise was exactly what I’d been looking for, but it exceeded all my expectations. Living on a barge for days on end; getting back to nature and seeing the English countryside up close; enjoying the hospitality and companionship onboard; having restaurant-quality food every day; mooring near small villages. It was different, and hugely enjoyable.

Bonnie and Andy, our hosts, welcomed us onboard and we couldn’t have had anyone better. Andy is a natural storyteller and kept us entertained. Bonnie’s excellent organisation kept everything going smoothly. And hard-working Liza and Gabriel, who did so much, were absolutely lovely.

Bonnie, Liza and Gabriel did an amazing job of keeping us fed. The first night set the standard with a wonderful Cape Malay dinner, sitting together at a long table in the warm and comfortable lounge/dining room.

On the sun deck, where we lived most of the time, it was magical: sitting with a cup of coffee warming your hands, chatting to the others or silently taking in the peacefulness of the scene. Going through locks or waiting your turn to go through; Andy on the helm, bantering with the lock keepers; Gabriel leaping down to tie the barge to a mooring.

On this reach of the Thames we were in Wind in the Willows country, and we loved being part of the scene, knowing that for the time being we belonged to the community of the river. There was also the variety of mooring and having time to explore or walk further along the towpath.

What has stayed with me most, though, is the feeling of being enclosed by nature as we cruised through the countryside – and also the togetherness we developed as a group. After our final meal, we told Bonnie and Andy what a great time we’d had and what a great group it had been. They replied, “Every group says that!” 

That’s what the African Queen does for you.

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