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The Russian waterways cruise from The River Cruise Line is a wonderful way to take in the diverse beauty and culture of Russia’s waterways, between Moscow and St Petersburg.

The Russian waterways comprise of an intricate pattern of connecting rivers, canals and vast lakes. The key points along the waterways are bookended by the Russian capital, Moscow, and the country’s ‘window to the west’, St Petersburg.

Linking these cities are dozens of ancient locks that connect the lakes and rivers in the region, providing a distinct and usable transport route through the country. Navigating these locks gives passengers the chance to see the historic cities, rolling Russian landscapes and typical Russian architecture.

A journey on one of our beautiful river cruise ships also offers the chance for cruisers to immerse themselves in an experience of rural Russia, with visits to the settlements of Mandrogi, Kizhi and Goritsy which reveal the rich cultures and traditions of this great nation.

Our inspiring cruise itinerary is designed to encompass the full palette of experiences a Russian river cruise should include, perhaps one of the reasons why we have received so many positive reviews over the years. If a waterways tour is your cup of tea, you may also be interested in our Dutch and Flemish waterways cruises. 

Please get in touch if you’d like to ask us about our Russian waterways cruise.

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